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This can be one of the hardest and most frustrating parts of owning a snake. Ball pythons can be voracious eaters and then suddenly decide not to eat for months on end. Then just when you begin to think your snake will never eat again it becomes an eating machine. That's just how it goes. Below are some tips for feeding your Python.

Tip #1) Do not buy a snake that is not eating. If at all possible ask to see it eat before you make the purchase. Atleast this way you will know it does recognize mouse/rat/gerbil/whatever it ate as food.

Tip #2) Get your Python to eat pre-killed as soon as possible. This is for the saftey of your animal. Rodents have very sharp teeth and claws and are capable of doing serious damage to your python.

Tip #3) Establish a feeding schedule for your python, then stick to it. You will be suprised how they seem to know when its time to eat.

Tip #4)Snakes under a year can eat every 4-6 days. Once it is past a year every 7-10 days is fine. For Royal pythons over 3 ft. a rat every two weeks will suffice.

Tip #5) Don't overfeed! You don't want an obese snake. If you can see skin inbetween the scales then you need to ease off a little

Stupid Feeding Errors

The page linked to below contains graphic pictures of a euthanized snake and those with a weak stomach are recommended to not click the link.

Horrific Results of Live Feeding