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Just a little backround on myself

This is my bouncer pose.

I'm a 22 year old college student in beautiful Daytona Beach, FL.  Altogether I've got right around 3 years of snake experience.  I've always loved snakes but was never allowed to have them.  Now I currently have four Royal Pythons.  Not long ago I also had two corn snakes, I sold them however to focus on my pythons.  I haven't bred them yet, but plan on doing so in 2003.  When not spending time with my snakes or other animals I'm working at Wal-Mart, spending time with my fiancee(sorry ladies I'm taken), playing guitar, or working with the youth group at my church.
I'm majoring in Social Sciences, with my sights set on teaching.  Hopefully I won't have to do it for long and I can work full time on breeding reptiles.  However I'm sure alot of other people have had this same dream and had it fall through or not work out.  So it will be good to have the teaching thing to fall back on.  Not that teaching can pay your bills either.  Fortunately with my fiancee's line of work she should be makeing enough to support me.  She's gonna be my  little Sugar Momma.


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Chip Carter's Royal/Ball Python Site